Welcome to the website of the 'NewNet' LAN & online community!

Tournaments, podcasts, live streams, gaming nights, LAN as well as fancy gamer parties and above all, the finest in gibberish, this is the base of our small but by this time worldwide active community!

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..."All right you kids, go and play outside now!"

Back in the mid-1990s, guru "John" met with a few friends on his generously dimensioned attic to establish a BNC network, whose venerable workgroup label would never be buried in oblivion. "NewNet, that sounds fine!" he invoked to his pals without thinking about further consequences. No sooner said than done! A restart of the 33-stroke engines and a new "Clan" was born. OK, back in the day it wasn't as simple as today with the restarts, but after some formatting orgies and configuration escapades the network ran fairly stable for a few hours, at least in the majority of cases.

However, while in the meantime the former "attic clan" was founded by a handful of local resident young gamers, today's little "community" consists of young and old gamers, computer freaks and technicians from the entire world. A fairly positive outcome for the commonly criticized globalization, as we deem.
Even though a lot has changed since then, today the same principles and priorities still apply and reign: "FRIENDSHIP" as well as "FUN" at common playing and organization is the top priority. Everyone is welcome, insofar as they are up to behaving fair and friendly towards all others and in so doing, further rules we don't need.

Naturally we would be pleased to welcome further members, emerging friendships and many guests, so just take some time and have a look around at our web page... we wish you a lot of fun!