Since L.A.N. parties are unfortunately more and more forgotten, but we also want to preserve our identity as professional "trash talkers" in the times of the Internet, we sporadically organize smaller events, meetings & livestreams.






Retroaddicts [NewNet]*Atarix & [NewNet]*Neckshredder1 Every Saturday 8.00 AM UTC+1
Fight-Night NewNet Team Every Wednesday 7.30 PM UTC+1


Our "Fight-Night" takes place every Wednesday from 7.30 pm. On this gaming evening we meet on our TS3 Server to play or to participate in sometimes really extremely pointless conversations in german language. Everything possible is played here.

Our "live stream" takes place every Sunday from 8.00 am in collaboration with our friends from MameAddicts on the community channel "Retroaddicts" in english. If you are interested to play  with us, then you may also want to check out our ZNES 1.42 NETPLAY GUIDE and MAME32 + Open Kaillera (P2P) GUIDE.

We have no rules but assume that all those present behave in a friendly manner, that expressions of strength are avoided and that everyone contributes to a good and pleasant climate. If you have never been there before, you should take the opportunity to take a look, because we are always happy about new visitors and above all their creative ideas that often help us to make the virtual NewNet village even more interesting.